Social Tennis

Social Tennis

One of the main shared activities of the club are the social tennis sessions which take place each week, based on friendly doubles games with alternating partners.

There are open mixed social tennis sessions on –

  • Saturday afternoon – 1300-1700
  • Tuesday morning – 0900-1200

There is a ladies session on Tuesday evening – 1800-2100

And a men’s session on Wednesday evening – 1900-2100

All of these operate on a turn up and play basis, with doubles pairs made up, and altered, across the session to give everyone a chance to play. However, in the winter when only courts 3 & 4 are floodlit then players should book into the evening sessions by contacting one of the organisers in advance. The winter sessions start in October and continue through to the spring. The people to contact are –

There is also a men’s team tennis session on Monday evenings 1930-2100, organised by Cliff Allum –

Please note: Up until the times shown above its still general play there are no designated courts + Any coaching has court preference up till 7.30. The designated courts for ladies and mens night after 7pm would be the astro ones first and then courts 5 and 6 . Courts 1 and 2 are for any play but can be used if free.

American Doubles Tournaments

The club organises occasional ‘American Doubles’ tournaments. These usually run on a Sunday morning or afternoon and are based on mixed, men’s or ladies doubles, with partners altering every 10 minutes or so.
All can enter, so watch out for notices of future tournaments on the website or the noticeboard at the courts, and contact the organisers.


Winter Mixed League

The club organises a league competition for mixed pairs. Anyone can enter and partners are allocated on a random basis. The league is divided into groups of 4 or 5 pairs who play each other over a couple of months, then there is promotion and relegation between the groups before another set of matches for each group. Anyone can enter, but with it being winter matches have to be played at weekends or (by arrangement) on Friday evenings – or during the day for those who can make it then. On weekday evenings the floodlit courts are in use for the Social Tennis sessions above.

If you want to enter contact Andy Carter, who is running the league, at: or Text him on 07813 006817. 

Annual Club Competitions

We run annual competitions for both juniors and adults, the format and timings for 2018-19 will be announced shortly.