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As a Physiotherapist in professional football, I am regularly helping people to return to sport following an injury. Whether it’s a hamstring tear, or an arthritic knee, I have a passion for getting my clients pain free and feeling confident in their body again! 

Alongside my full-time job in football, I hold a weekly private clinic where I regularly treat a variety of problems. Some of the most common injuries I see include lower back pain, knee & ankle pain, shoulder issues, tennis elbow, arthritic joints & tendon problems.

I believe everyone should have access to top-class
physiotherapy services. I apply the same principles that I use with professional footballers to all of my clients, ensuring you are receiving the best possible care. I combine hands on treatment with appropriate rehabilitation planning to get great results.

imageAn initial consultation will allow me to assess and accurately diagnose your injury. From there, I will create a bespoke, achievable and long term rehabilitation plan to help you reach your goals. Follow up appointments will allow us to review and progress through your rehab. 

I am returning to face to face consultations at The Natural Health Centre, Kings Norton from April 2021. Contact me for a free 10 minute phone consultation to see whether I can help you with an injury. 

Jamie Stewart

Peak Health Physiotherapy

Mobile: 07494 278592



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